Does the idea of weight-loss fill you with dread? Think about 4 biscuits!!

It doesn't have to be that bad! I was chatting with Eugenio, about lifestyle, and the little things that make huge differences.

So, I took a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits from the kitchen cupboard.

We looked at the info, and saw that each bikkie contained 85 calories.

Without getting into how much was fat, sugar, fibre and anything complicated, we just did a few calculations.

My example was that if someone out of habit just eats four of them, it's 340 calories. It's only four biscuits and it's 15-20% of our daily l daily calories. It's crazy!

Do that twice a day, and it's double (obviously!)

The scary bit is this:

365 days in a year, at four simple biscuits a day is 124,000 calories!

124,000 calories!

Do you know what that is in fat? That's 35 pounds, or 16 kilos.

It's only 4 biscuits!

Having 8 biscuits a day is 5 stone over a year! The numbers are unbelievable.

Life's a little more complicated than that, but still, there's absolutely no doubt that tweaking our days ever so slightly can make a massive difference.

Think of the hours of exercise that you don't have to put in when you think a little about what you eat.

We might try hard, and wonder why we're not in better shape, but three or four "little things" can slip under the radar every day, and leave us unwittingly sabotaging ourselves.

It's well worth making a note every time we're being a little "naughty", just to see how much we're over-eating.

There's nothing wrong with eating treats. The problem is when we eat more than we think we are!

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