why we give away Polar watches

I'll keep this short!

I bought my entry-level POLAR watch to see if I'd actually use the thing.

I've had it since April, and it's been fantastic. It's made such a difference, that I decided to offer POLAR products on our website.

Health is a habit thing... sporadic doesn't cut the mustard! These "wearables" can really help develop our habits and that's why we're recommending you think about getting one.

GARMIN and FitBits do the same thing and you may prefer the design...This "wearable technology" reminds us to keep moving. ( By the way,we teach our clients about the technology on our breaks)

Wearing the watch has been a massive help to me to stay on track and to increase my activity. I've had a few surprises since I started wearing it.

The biggest surprise was how long I'm stuck in front of the computer without moving. I realised taht there were days that I hardly moved. I'd always thought I was restless!

The watch buzzes at least four times a day to tell me that I've sitting still for an hour and that it's time to move.

The other big surprise for me is that there are days where I hit only maybe 30% of my target activity. It's a kick in the ass to get out in the evening, and if nothing else, to go for a 30 minute walk to bridge the gap a little.

There are days where I just can't hit my target. I can live with that. Life happens, and there's no point in getting in a tizzy over it.

I just make it up another time with a calorie sapping cycle up the mountains, or heading to the the park with the kids.

If I hit the month-end at 100% on average, I'm delighted, and feel like I've achieved something - childish delight, but it's all good!

My daily target equates to around 3,200 calories. It's ambitious enough, but when I'd it set to 2,200 calories, I found myself settling for just that. I'm as human as they come, so setting the bar a little higher definitely motivates me.

So, why do we offer the watches?

It's because they can help us hit our goals through lifestyle. We're big fans of intensive exercise but at the same time, little and often beats the hell out of doing nothing and then going crazy ocassionally.

If we're talking about fat loss, A small caloric deficit every day is MASSIVE over time.

Over a year, 200 calories a day is 10 kilogrammes (21 pounds). It's only 3 biscuits or a 30 minute walk.

You don't need to kill yourself with fad diets and manic exercise. But you can intersperse your daily routine with health pushes, like our breaks. Or you can pick weeks or weekends where you'll up the bar and devote some time to interesting exercise and eating.

It's nice to boost your general progress with a few mind and body clearing blasts!

Sitting still for 15 hours a day and working our arses off for one hour isn't healthy. We need to be generally active.

That means getting up from our desk every hour or more and having a stretch... We're not talking about acrobatics - just a walkabout and stretching our arms above our heads hits the spot.

It's wonderful to have our little technological buddies to remind us!

If you just want to buy any polar product (we've only a few on our website), and decide later if you'd like to join us, we'll give you a €129 voucher off any of our holidays. That gets you the watch I'm wearing for free, or an unbeatable price on the others.

Just email me at ray@algarvefitness.com or check out some of the range here.

As always, our team is available to meet or chat if you need us. Best of luck!

Ray & Eu

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