Meet Our New Colleague Eu!

(From 19 stone to healthy & loving it!)

Hi Folks!

I´m Eugenio, (Eu for short!)

I’m delighted to have joined the Algarve Fitness team and would like to tell you a little about myself.

(Sorry, I don't have many photos of the "old" me!)

I’m a Personal Trainer, based in Dublin with Ray, and will be training both here and in our Algarve retreats.

I´m 25, and have come a long way in my journey from obesity to achieving to good health. By the summer of 2016 my weight had reached 125kg (over 19 stone) & that’s a lot for a guy of 180cm (around 5’11”)

This, bizarrely, was despite the fact that I was highly qualified and working as a personal trainer, (Bachelor´s & Master´s degrees in Physical Activity and Health, and Personal Trainer (EQF) Level 6). I had all of the knowledge, but I was unhappy, and adrift.

I had loyal clients and they had excellent results with me. And yes, they asked the question – if you can do this for me, why don’t you do it for yourself?

Good personal trainers should be in good shape. We don’t need to be in as good shape as our best clients but I should have “walked the walk” and I didn’t.

My diet was terrible, and while I was strong, I wasn’t fit, and my stamina and energy levels were shot. I’d a self-destructive diet of high-sugar and bad fats junk food. My lifestyle was atrocious for anyone, never mind a personal trainer.

One day, I saw myself in the mirror. I’d had a horrible week and I was feeling as low as I’d ever felt. I was deeply unhappy, and my reflection jolted me.

Pretty much in that instant, I decided to change, to snap out of my rut.

I made 3 simple changes:

1. I decided to be active every day. Something every day means, for example, if I wasn’t training, to go out for a walk, or to get off the bus a stop or two earlier than my destination, to use stairs rather than lifts and so on.

2. I decided to eat real food. Yes, that´s all. (Be suspicious of food that they need to advertise!)

I don´t believe in strict diets or food programmes. It´s all about food education and food knowledge. It’s about moderation, restraint, and common sense. And, we need to enjoy our food! Great food tastes delicious!

I see the whole approach to health and fitness (mental and physical) as a soup. No single discipline stands in isolation, they’re all interconnected – mobility, gut health, strength, balance, diet, hydration, body composition... the works. Every day I study more about each discipline and how they relate to each other (nutrition, sports sciences, psychology, etc). It’s my passion!

3. I changed my mind-set from short-term “Realistic – Term”. I decided to be patient – that took a little work!

Everybody wants to have a six-pack in six weeks. (You, know, the kind of programmes that the glossy magazines have on their covers!) . But I made a plan, and gave myself 24 months, with goals to achieve along the way. Poco a poco as we say, little by little.

And guess what? I got myself a personal trainer- It’s not a luxury, and I’d advise it to anyone. A good personal trainer saves us time and money.

Ask any PT and you’ll probably find that he or she will have their own personal trainer. We all need help and another pair of eyes.

It’s now February 2018 and I’m 85kg and I’ve started to prepare my first half-marathon 3 days per week as my special goal for this year. I also do weight training 2 days per week.

I’m pretty energetic when I teach my classes, so I burn a lot of energy when I’m working!

Today I love my life, I enjoy my food and my energy levels and self-esteem are through the roof.

But it’s a journey, and I’ve more room for improvement.

I’m a normal human being, not a superstar, and I can empathise completely, particularly if weight-loss is a problem for you. I’ve been there, and am passionate about this area of health.

Without getting to know you, I can’t send you a simple programme to cure all your woes!

We’re all different. What works for me might not work for you. Every one of us needs to approach our health and fitness as an individual.

Your biggest goal should be to be healthy & feel great

So, if I can’t prescribe a programme for you individually, how can I help you?

Well, while there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution, there are tips, and lifestyle choices that work for us all. They’re easy to do, and they’ll get you closer to where you want to be

One tip to start: making little changes and create SMART, goals and habits. A little determination and bite-sized targets bring massive results. All you need to add is time and to trust yourself!

(SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-frame)

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

Why not sign up to our weekly newsletters? I’’ll write about my journey, and we’ll post articles on health, fitness, weight-loss, recipes, lifestyle and more.

If you’ve any questions, I’d be delighted to answer them, maybe even creating my next article on your topic of interest.

Follow me on Twitter @EuPedregal and the facebook page and website where we’ll will share weekly tips and strategies to help yourself to maximise your health.

A tiny bit of progress every week makes a massive change, and it's the easiest way to get anywhere!

Good Luck!


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