Singles' Holidays - They don't have to be booze-fuelled disasters!

There's something quite liberating about travelling on your own, but the prospect can be a little scary!

There's safety and security, but there's also the hassle of organising things when you arrive, how you fill your time and so on. What if you reckon you're not outgoing enough to meet up with others when you arrive. Perhaps you don't like the idea of having meals on your own and so on.

Travel operators have recognised that there's a big market for solo travellers. You don't necessarily have to be single to want to travel on your own. Perhaps your partner isn't into the type of break you'd like to take, hasn't the free time or whatever, or maybe you just need a break.

We think a great approach is to find a group with shared interests and to join them. So if lying by the pool all day is not your thing, then perhaps a spell with us might tick the box for you.

We don't shove health food down you for the duration, nor do we ply you with juices or run you ragged with exercise.

We've a varied programme, and you decide the intensity of the exercise bit.

We all eat together, but you're free to prepare food for yourself also.

You can enjoy hill and coastal treks, kayak, surf, stand-up-paddling, nights out in local restaurants and bars, some great health, fitness and nutrition sessions...

All of this in a lively, chatty group who are all pretty much up for fun but without going crazy.

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness, gain weight, or experience new activities and learn a bit about yourself, we think our breaks could be the ticket!

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