If you're going to do one thing- Get Proper Sleep!

Quality, Regular Sleep is Life-changing

Most of us don’t take it seriously enough

A good night’s sleep is the equivalent of giving your brain eight hours of 5-star luxury spa treatments. Sleep well and you’re refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. When you’re not sleeping, life is much more difficult, if not overwhelming.

And we all know this, we just don’t do it!

7 tips for perfect sleep

  • Get some exercise, just do something…

  • If you grind your teeth, invest in a bite guard.

  • Invest in the perfect mattress and pillow

  • Have a simple bedtime routine, ditch the phone and tv for the last hour of the day, drink some camomile or other tea,

  • Block out all light from your bedroom. You brain needs to know that it’s night time, so blackout blinds or shutters, leave any “blue light” devices out of the room. Buy an alarm clock rather than use your phone alarm if having your phone is too tempting.

  • Avoid things that might affect your sleep. If alcohol does it, then ditch it.

  • Try to avoid eating for two hours before bedtime.

We’ve plenty of simple tweaks that help you get yourself sorted without going crazy.

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