10 Mental Rules of Fit & Healthy People

Hitting our goals, whether they are professional, physical, relationship or whatever else, all depend on putting your head in the right place.

We need to value ourselves, and take the time and make the effort to look after, treat, and to do what it takes to make ourselves happy.

1. Shut out the mental noise

Shut out the constant stream of negative thoughts that runs through your mind. Doubts, fear and mental static is your biggest hurdle. Fix your head by adamantly sticking to positive thinking. This will give you your long-term success and make your journey infinitely easier

2. Maximize inner motivation

To do this you need to be absolutely clear about why you want to get fit. Figure out what’s really important to you. Do you want to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol? Drop a dress size or two or take a few inches off your waist? Do you want to feel stronger, deal with lethargy, stiffness, be more flexible, improve your sleep, your energy levels? Or do you just want to genereally feel better?

Lasting motivation that lasts comes from within. It needs a deeply felt desire for change.

3. Develop strong will

To develop your will, you have to commit to consistency no matter what.

Wake up know that you’ll do what it takes to stay on track—whether that means getting up an hour earlier to make it to the gym before work or whatever. It could be as simple as knowing that you won’t bring any crap into the house when you do your supermarket shop later that day.

The secret is focusing on the thoughts that drive and inspire you. Use tools to reinforce this.

When your head is in the right place, everything is easier. Using the right tools make it easier to put your head in that place.

Remind yourself how better you feel that you’ve lost the few inches, or how much better you will feel after the next workout or healthy meal. Remind yourself of your progress to date. Maybe keep a model of a replica of human fat (disgusting I know!), to remind yourself of how much volume there is in as little as 5lbs of body fat.

4. Set specific goals and strategies

The more detailed your daily goals and plans, the better. An English study on women enrolled in a weight loss program asked half of their subjects to write down their strategies for managing temptation (for example, when sugar cravings strike, I will make a cup of tea). After two months, those women had lost twice as much weight as women in a control group, who did not write their strategies down.

5. Picture your success

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal body—both what it looks like from head to toe, and how it makes you feel. Then, go shopping – if you want that body, then buy clothes that would fit if you had it. And try them on every day until they fit!

6. Plan your meals

Planning your meals eliminates your need to make choices later in the day or week. This reduces the impact of weakened willpower.

Planning your meals in advancecan make it easier (and less stressful) to eat healthy.

7. Don’t make excuses –stick to the plan

It’s OK to have days off, and to cheat a little, but these need to be in the plan. Once you start skipping sessions that you’d planned, or shifting off your diet plan, then it’ll spiral into failure.

The key is to make everything you do as easy as possible for yourself so that it’s easier to stick to the programme.

8. It’s fine to give in sometimes

It’s inevitable that from time to time your healthy routine will get interrupted by life. We're not going to lock ourselves away, nor do we need to be miserable. What'd be the point? There are going to be parties, nights out, holiday breaks and more. When that happens, go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

9. Have positive self belief – get rid of legacy negative beliefs

This rule is simple: If you believe you can be in amazing shape, then you’ll do things on a day-to-day basis to accomplish it. Negative beliefs, many of which we may have carried from childhood, sabotage everything. They absolutely make things harder for us.

You need to fix these and this is a process in itself. Try to figure it out for yourself or better still, talk to someone. Ask yourself why you think these thoughts and realise that they’re nonsense. Life is all about the future. Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!

These thoughts are deep-rooted very often, so this is not an easy task and can take some time. But ultimately you have control over your thoughts so it’s a matter of developing yourself so that they don’t have control over you.

We all need help in life. It’s healthy to seek and receive help, and that applies to everything, whether it’s physical training, mental health, or even just mundane problem solving and puzzles. It’s almost always easier with company.

10. Reward yourself!

Celebrate milestones. If you don’t appreciate your successes along the way, you risk becoming emotionally numb, nonreactive. But giving yourself regular (healthy!) rewards (like a spa treatment, a weekend away for example), provides a little gratification and a proper pat on the back to keep going and push yourself even harder in the long run.

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