Enjoyable health and fitness holiday? Yes they do exist! Fancy a health break but don't do it be

We've some good news for you, but we'd also really like your ideas and opinions.

A health break can be anything from a retreat based on looney concepts to really high quality no-nonsense, hard work events.

There's a massive spectrum between the two extremes and within that, there's a break to suit everyone.

Our standard breaks have two short, hard sessions per day and short education modules and treatments. We do it that way because we like our guests to have a holiday. You're in the Algarve so we think that you should get out there and enjoy it while you're here!

You see, our not-terribly-catchy belief is that the biggest gains that you'll ever make in health, weight-loss, muscle building and so on, can only be made over a period of time.

Sure, you can make great gains in a week, but losing a stone healthilyin a week isn't going to happen no matter what you read on some unscrupulous pages.

The best thing you can do is look after yourself very well for a week, take encouragement from your short term benefits while you're with us, and use all of the incredible knowledge we share with you to keep the ball rolling along for the rest of the year.

Enjoy yourself, eat out, go to the beach, get into shape and come back every year for some well deserved R & R and a boost.

So, if you'd like to just have one training session every morning, let us teach you about exercise and nutrition during the morning too, and then have a blast for the rest of the time you're with us, you're more than welcome.

Two sessions per day are absolutely the best way to go, but if it's not your cup of green tea, and there's a choice between taking the plunge or not, then go for it!

You can then pick and choose any other treatments you might like, such as spa treatments, on-site massage and so on.

The less intensive breaks are also easier on your pocket.

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