Rapid Weight-loss v. Healthy Weight-Loss


Just like fad diets, the effects of many adult weight loss camps are temporary. You may return home from a boot camp slimmer, but the results are short-lived. It doesn't have to be that way.

We’re About Real Women Getting Healthy – and Having Fun!

We’re not a fat camp, fat farm, or anything else like that.

Our key message is that we all want to be healthy and happy. Life isn't about looking like photoshopped models and movie stars.

Our philosophy, delivered to our small group weight loss programmes for women, is all about equipping each of you to attain your healthy weight as easily and sustainable as possible.

We teach you about excercise, nutrition and lifestyle, and some of what you'll learn might surprise you!

You’ll begin to feel good about yourself again…and have fun in the process!

We Understand Women’s Issues Around Food and Eating

We're not crazy about the ridiculous claims made by some "health farms" about the successful weight-loss achieved by their clients.

We think it's unfair and misleading. Unless you equip your clients with the tools to start the journey to sustainable health, you, as a professional have failed.

While achieving short term fat-loss is great, it must be part of an overall approach.

There's no point in losing a stone in a week, only to put it, and more, back on in the weeks afterwards.

A lot of weight-loss camps view the difference between your weight at the start of the week and the end of the week as the measure of success. That's rubbish!

Firstly, you should measure fat levels, not weight.

Secondly, the health retreats that starve, deprive, dehydrate and overwork you, are frankly bad for you. It's the worst possible thing you should do.

Unlike a traditional weight loss camps, we show you;

How to create a realistic, balanced lifestyle.

What and how to eat what you love in a way that leads to a healthy weight.

How to enjoy exercise, and how to achieve great results in the minimum time

You'll enjoy your stay with us, and if you're like many who've already attended, you'll return for a refresher and for the fun and relaxation.

Unlike typical adult weight loss camp / boot camp, health retreat, we don't preach calorie restriction, , long exhausting days, ridiculous diets. We have short, incredibly effective exercise sessions, great food, great fun and plenty of freedom. You're free to explore and enjoy the Algarve when you're not training, listening or relaxing by the pool

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