Don't be scared of weight-loss holidays! They can actually be great holidays...

weight-loss holidays

We (modestly!) do a great job of making our healthy holidays really enjoyable. Everyone goes home feeling like they've had a holiday & for most it's become an annual event, if proof were needed!

You do need some willpower but you don't need to suffer to lose weight.

The biggest suffering most of us have when trying to shed surplus kilos comes from the frustration at lack of progress.

The most important tool bar none in achieving fat-loss effectively is knowing the correct way to do it.

Knowledge is the key.

So many of us trudge along with outdated and simply wrong information, so while we make the effort, we don't see the results.

If you want to progress well, and not only on weight-loss, but in respect of every aspect of your health, then please learn how to do it.

A health and fitness break can achieve two things.

  • You can exercise and eat well. That achieves good results for the time that you do it.

  • You Learn How To Continue in an effective manner. This is the easy part and it's where you're going to see the bulk of your gains.

You can go home, not eat any less, but just eat better.

If you currently exercise, you'll exercise better when you go home, and achieve better results in a fraction of the time because you know what you're doing.

You don't have to lock yourself away for a week, punish yourself, or make your break be in any way unpleasant.

To get the most out of your break, we think you should work hard during the exercise sessions, but only within your abilities. It gives you a nice boost to go home with your belt taken in a notch, and with a visibly healthier you.

We never boast or brag about the results we achieve from our fitness and weight loss holidays. We consider that to be fraud. It's such a dishonest way to promote anything. You're not going to be healthy or achieve your goals unless you learn, and unless you adopt long-term behaviours.

Most of our clients happily return every year. Not because they're heavier, but because they enjoy their time with us and because doing something like this once a year is good for the soul as well as the body!

We're more than happy to chat through your needs so please get in touch.

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