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We'd be very happy to offer you a free consultation to help you back on the road to sporting super-stardom!


This is the situation for a lot of us. You're in school, maybe University or whatever, surrounded by your sporty peers, hardly a care in the world, hardy constitution, and you're fit as a fiddle.

Then along comes the drinking, the relationships, the serious relationship, the marriage, the kids, and before you realise it, you're not so hardy anymore!

Getting back into sports and fitness is a fantastic idea. Reliving the glory days on the rugby or football pitch as a slightly older player is great.

It's not so great if your conditioning, flexibility, weight, fitness are poor and you end up hurting yourself; breaking bones, tearing soft-tissue and so on.

It's so demoralising when your intentions are pure!

We've a few ideas that you might consider if you're serious about getting back into shape. We absolutely believe that if you're out of condition that you should absolutely get back into form. It has massive long term health and quality of life benefits.

  • Have a good medical check-up, not some quick in-and-out once-over. Do your research and go to a reputable clinic.

  • Find a good personal trainer; again do your research, there are plenty of apallingly bad PTs.

  • Educate yourself about exercise, diet, and how your body operates. Your trainer should be your biggest help on this.

  • Work hard, but ease yourself into a strength and fitness regime. Give your body time to develop strength, flexibility and resilience

  • Set realistic goals. If you work well, for instance, fat-loss will be most rapid at the start of the process and slow down to a consistent level thereafter. That's the pattern to maintain. If building strength and condition is your ambition, the first weeks will be the hardest, because this is when post-workout muscle aches will be at their worst. (DOMS are they're known, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

  • If you're interested in particular sports, tailor your gym/strength and conditioning work to that sport. This is your best defence against injury, and your greatest aid to excelling at your level.

  • Always bear in mind that medical care and medicines are very expensive. So when you're worrying about the cost of a trainer, gym membership, or costs relating to staying in shape, consider at the same time the money you're saving by being healthy. Add to that the pleasure you enjoy from being active and in good health and the priceless impact on your quality of life.

If you'd like a free consultation, we'd be happy to oblige and hopefully we'll get you back on track. Just send a request via our website. If we have a studio or trainer in your area, we'll do our best to oblige.

(The availabilty of the consultation is determined your location and availability of one of our trainer colleagues in your area)

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