Ditch the Diet! Lose Weight the Healthy Way

If you want to get your weight and condition to where you want it to be, you need to be able to do one thing;ENJOY THE PROCESS!!!

Counting Calories and torturing yourself by living on a carrot and onion diet, or surviving on packaged rubbish sold to you by "weight-loss" companies is not only going to be a complete pain, and get you nowhere, it's bad for you.

The most important thing to remember that it doesn't work, it's miserable and you generally end up worse than where you started.

If you're going to put on weight, enjoy the ride, rather than yo-yo diet on expensive scams.

If you're going to shed surplus kilos successfully; Follow These Rules;

  • Be patient and go for maybe a kilo or less a week (ask your trainer).

  • Don't obsess about the weighing scales.

  • Don't look at the scales every day.

  • We're not looking for weight-loss, but inch-loss and muscle improvement.

This is what health is about.

We're all different, and some of us are healthier and leaner when we're heavier. Our condition, not our weight determines our health.

The measuring tape, the notches on your belt and the mirror are far better guides.

Eat a healthy balanced diet only cutting out what's bad for you.

Learn What You Should Eat. It's Simple.

The results come from 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

You should exercise, but eating well is most important by a huge margin for a myriad of reasons.

Keep the whole approach as simple as possible

Book a few sessions with a good personal trainer.

A good personal trainer will show you what you should do and will give you references on diet and nutrition. Personal trainers might appear expensive per session, but you don't need many, just return every now and then after your initial burst!

€500 spent on an ineffective gym membership is wasted compared to the value you'll derive from €500 well-earned by a highly-qualified mentor.

Over the longer term what you learn and put into practice from these consultations will save you a fortune. What you save in medicine, lost time, and so on will far outweigh the cost of a few personal training sessions.

Go to a reputable small studio and not a big chain gym. You're more likely to find a highly qualified trainer in smaller studio.

Make Positive Mental Associations With The Process of Becoming Healthier

Remember that you goal should be to become healthier, not skinny.You can be incredibly healthy and carry a few spare pounds. While it looks great on stage and in magazines, having a really low body fat is bad for you long term.

  • Don't sacrifice health for appearance and don't beat yourself up for not looking like models in magazines. Those guys in the magazines don't look like the guys in the magazines!

  • If you find the gym boring, then try something else.

  • Find exercises that are efficient. Stomping on a treadmill for an hour has far less benefit than 20 minutes of other exercise.

  • So find out about these. You will find healthy food that you enjoy and exercises and activities that you enjoy too.

  • Find them and your road to health and weight-loss will be much easier.

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