Easy Fat-Loss Without Visiting the Gym

If you want to lose fat, you need to make an effort. That's end of story, no way around that.But you do have a choice on how you go about it; The Easy Way or the Hard WayYou need to engage in Resistance Exercises - that's weights and bodyweight training. You need to engage in High Intensity Training.You need to know what you're doing.You need to know what NOT to do.Choose the exercises that work for you and ignore the exercises that waste time, unless you enjoy them. In that case, do them in addition to the effective stuff.The Most Important Fat-Loss Tool - The single thing that matters more than everything we've listed before now is this;Always Remember that effective fat-loss is derived 80% nutrition; 20% exercise.You'll never out-train a bad diet.Always remember that you'll feel better when you get into shape and eat healthily.Keep some visual motivators always close by. Pictures, diagrams and mottos work really well. Try it. Have a look at the shot of the 5 pounds of fat photo. That works for me!If you fix your head, serious progress will follow; The occasional supervised serious diet can help hit certain targets, but they should be supervised events and not fad diets.Start thinking the right way. Don't think of eating well as being on a diet. It's not a diet, and it shouldn't be difficult. Put some effort into your food (not necessarily much time, just thought & effort), and your food should taste great.These are really simple steps. The key is knowing what you're doing.There's no point in specifying particular exercises in this note, because we're all different.Don't assume you know what's best. Ask an expert. The best guys have encylopaedic knowledge, so learn from a good trainer. You don't have to see them too often, but pay the few quid, it'll actually save you a fortune.We're all about what goes on in our heads. Use your brain & attitude to get into shape.Finally, while you don't need to go to a gym, it could help expedite your progress. If you dislike gyms so much that you think it'll put you off training, then don't go to a gym.But do your workouts in surroundings that motivate you. If your living room works for you, then fire away there in the evenings, and use the park or garden during the daytime.There's no quick-fix, no matter what Kelloggs or these other guys trying to sell you stuff, might have you believe. However, as boring as it sounds, you can make serious progress if you're just intelligent in your approach.

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