Want some cool (very simple) tips for female fat-loss?

Well, we can offer you a few. Would you like them to be complicated?

If so, sorry to disappoint you. It's not all that complicated & it doesn't have to be drudgery or calorie-counting hell.

Most of us want fat-loss (i.e. inches), not weight-loss.

Weight-loss sounds nicer, but it's not really accurate. All of the big boys and slick marketers use weight loss because it sounds nicer and sells their products.

You don't need "weight-loss" products

Forget about the breakfast bars, and the low-fat this and that. Most of them are crap,both in terms of what's in them, and what they do for you. Stick with good normal food and apart from being better for you, will save you a fortune. In fact the money you save by not buying the hyped rubbish could be used to invest in better "normal" food, maybe like organic meat, decent chocolate (yes chocolate), eggs, fruit & veg etc.

Don't bring crap into your house

Is it easier to resist temptation once, while you're in the shop or supermarket, or countless times when you're passing the kitchen. If it's not in the cupboard, you can't eat it.

Find a good trainer

A good Personal Trainer will advise you on nutrition and the most effective means of reaching your goal. You don't need to use them that often, but the most important thing they can offer you is knowledge, which you can later use yourself.

A good trainer will advise you not to spend hours torturing yourself on a treadmill or other device, but rather how to achieve results without torture and in much less time.You're more likely to obtain the best advice and attention in a small studio, than in a chain gym.

If it's expensive maybe you could split the session with a friend with similar objectives & try to agree the same hourly rate. Split two or three ways, and it becomes cheap. Learn what's good to eat and what's not

Think about what you eat. Don't be fooled by "low-fat" branding

You could be very surprised at the effect that "low-calorie" food is having on your body composition. You could be very surprised at how foods that you thought would make you fat can actually achieve the opposite.No amount of exercise will compensate for a bad diet

AND; It's much easier to avoid eating rubbish, than it is to work it off through exercise. The battle is won and lost at the table.Give yourself a realistic time-frame

Diets don't work...

and rapid weight-loss doesn't work either, in fact it probably promotes longer term weight-gain.

Don't compare your progress to others...

because we're all different.

Generally, you should see the most marked improvement during your first week (or second sometimes). This is when your body's adjusting, you're de-bloating and so on. You could lose between 2 and 4 kgs during your first week, and then it'd slip back to a sustainable 1-1.5kgs per week thereafter. That's a healthy rate, so if you've 10kgs to lose and you're prepared to work a little, you should give yourself up to 9 weeks.

Don't weigh yourself every day

It'll only demoralise you on the days where your apparent progress has slipped. Your bodyweight varies all by itself from day to day, so split the measurement to maybe up to 7 day intervals in order to obtain an more accurate trend.

Inches matter more than weight

Notwithstanding the previous point, a slim, strong fit person could weigh more than a person with fat to lose. What you see in the mirror and measure with the tape matter more than the scales reading.

In a nutshell, focus your efforts on what works best, and with the minimum disruption to your day. Try to engage in sessions that you can enjoy because the key to any successful programme is sustainability.If you enjoy it, and it doesn't eat too much into your day, then you're much more likely to stick at it.

If you want detailed info., please feel free to email us and we'll send you useful references.You might even want to attend one of our Algarve Fat-loss or fitness holidays!

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