Weight Loss Retreats Promising Rapid Weight Loss????? Don't believe the hype, it's dishones



1 kg per week for a year is 52 kgs. That's over 8 stone. If you've 2 stone to lose, attending a reputable retreat will jump-start the process will see you hit your target in less than 3 months. That's just a single season of the year.

All it takes is a change in attitude, some knowledge, and a guiding hand

Find people that offer a structure that provides you with the education, knowledge, support and methods to fit achieving your fitness goals into the life you lead.

If you think you can offer 2 or 3 hours per week to serious training, then value those hours and get the most out of them.

Don't jump up on a cross-trainer with a bottle of Lucozade and pace away for an hour. It's futile.

Learn how to achieve the maximum benefit in the minimum time by working at the correct pace and doing the correct exercise.

If you decide to attend a health camp then choose one with an approach that allows you enjoy your time on the retreat, and that helps you learn and practice the skills you need later.

If the process is tortuous, you're not going to continue. When you're released and you've the freedom to stray, you'll be inclined to revert to the old comfortable habits.

You need to learn to break those habits while you're on the course, and that's why we think 2 weeks is ideal.

What's the point in locking you away from all temptation; making it impossible for you to visit a sweetshop? There's none. Why? Because it's the first thing you'll want to do when you "get out of jail"!

What's the point in feeding you with juices and other concoctions which clear you out, don't give you the correct nutrients, proteins, if these products cannot be healthily or practically incorporated into you your everyday life?

The key to success is enjoyment and fulfilment. That's what keeps you motivated. Living on 3 litres of pureed carrots a day, is not something you're going to sustain.

So make your choices carefully, and it's great and possible to achieve certain weight-loss and other goals healthily in the short term.It's fantastic if you're preparing for a wedding or other event. However, the worst mistake you could make is to look at day 7 of a one week retreat or day 14 of a two week retreat as the target.

It's not, it's only the start.

Finally, for substantial and sustainable weight-loss, you need time and patience. Believe me, if you see a consistent trend of good, moderate results, you'll be motivated.

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