How Do You Compare Weight-Loss & Fitness Retreats?

When you're looking for a week or two away to straighten out your fitness, weight, your head, or whatever, how do you choose where you go and whom to trust?

I've my own ideas, and these are based primarily on the "Honesty Principle"

Cost, luxury, difficulty etc. are all secondary in my opinion.

By Honesty, I mean that marketing information is genuine, the success claims are genuine

That we hear no over-blown promises or insinuation on how much weight you're going to lose appear in the material

To be honest, the sincere purpose of the experience is to provide clients with results that can last a lifetime

They need to describe truthfully what they achieve; is it weight-loss? is it fat-loss? is it muscle-gain?

The methods employed should be effective for the long term and not just to provide an impressive, illusory, short-term result which will probably only harm you.

Unfortunately, we humans love the idea of nicely packaged solutions.

That can be a breakfast cereal that promises you that you'll lose weight if you eat it (despite the fact that it's full of sugar, and the last thing you should eat). It can be a "healthy" low fat bar, or shakes or whatever. We're suckers for promises and neat solutions.

It can be a fad diet endorsed by Hollywood or other celebrities, made credible by before and after photos of super-fit or super-skinny celebs.

The one thing all of these have in common is that there are people selling and making piles of cash behind these things.

Which are you most likely to book?

"Luxury pampering weight-loss camp where some of our clients have lost over a stone in one week"


"Fat-loss retreat where you can expect to lose between 2% and 5% body-fat" & programme yourself for steady, long term gains"?

I bet most people will run with the prospect of losing a stone in luxury in a week and that is a pity.

Fat-loss and Weight-loss are not synonymous. Weight-loss can be achieved through fat-loss, de-bloating, dehydration and so on.

Muscle and strength / resistance training is vital for good health.

To achieve this, you don't even need to visit a gym or use weights, but it helps and certainly makes it easier. Resistance training and correct nutrition help protect against osteoporosis and a whole host of ailments as well as improving your immune system.

The correct training methods are also time-efficient.If you drop a stone in a week, you will almost certainly have harmed yourself, and you'll have primed yourself to put on more than that over the following months.

So, I recommend that you choose a retreat on the following realistic and honest "sales-pitch" which promotes an approach that views the short duration of the event as being only the start of the journey.

There are camps that focus on squeezing the weight off of you over the tightest timeframe so that there's a statistic to brag about.

How many of these places quote the weight statistics for their clients at say, 6 months after departure?

I've yet to find a single one.

If you flush someone out, deprive them of salt, calories and so on, they'll lose weight. But it's superficial and not genuine fat-loss.

You need to find a camp that states modest (but still impressive) short term goals but can guide you on what you can expect over a month, two months... a year.

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