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I'll keep this short!  

I bought my entry-level POLAR watch to see if I'd actually use the thing.

I've had it since April, and it's been fantastic. It's made such a difference, that I decided to offer POLAR products on our website.

Health is a habit thing... sporadic doesn't cut the mustard! These "wearables" can really help develop our habits and that's why we're recommending you think about getting one.

GARMIN and FitBits do the same thing and you may prefer the...

Take Body Measurements The Old-Fashioned Way!

Use a tape measure to track the inches you lose in your weight-loss programme by measuring key areas. Weighing scales don't tell the full story!

We talk a lot about the weighing scales not being the holy grail of weight-loss/fat-loss.

There are a few good reasons for that.

The scales tell us how much we weigh, and not what condition we’re in. They say nothing about the width of our shoulders, how muscular we are or how much...

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