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(From 19 stone to healthy & loving it!)

Hi Folks!

I´m Eugenio, (Eu for short!)

I’m delighted to have joined the Algarve Fitness team and would like to tell you a little about myself.

 (Sorry, I don't have many photos of the "old" me!)

I’m a Personal Trainer, based in Dublin with Ray, and will be training both here and in our Algarve retreats.

I´m 25, and have come a long way in my journey from obesity to achieving to good health. By the summer of 2016 my weight had reache...

Making tiny changes to our daily routine can make massive improvements to our lives.


Why don't you cut and paste these headings?

1: Eat Protein for Breakfast

2: Eat Foods in Their Natural State

3: Eat Healthy Fats in Reasonable Quantities

4: Balance Protein with Fruit and Vegetables

5: Eat Gut-Friendly Foods

6: Cut out the drinks with empty calories

7: Watch the calories!

8: Think when you’re eating (and chew)!

 It’s extremely easy to eat too many calories and gain fat while eating foods that everyone agrees are healthy.

A fault in many fat loss diets is that...


The weather is still nice, and it's a much easier time to make a few changes than during the dark depressing days of January.

This is a fitness website, but I'm not talking about physical goals only.

It could be working fewer hours, doing more on the weekends, learning to cook, reading more, or whatever you want to achieve.

The main obstacle to achieving your goals usually is mindset. It's absolutely the only obstacle when it comes to your physical well-being.

Why not...




If you want to get your weight and condition to where you want it to be, you need to be able to do one thing;ENJOY THE PROCESS!!!


Counting Calories and torturing yourself by living on a carrot and onion diet, or surviving on packaged rubbish sold to you by "weight-loss" companies is not only going to be a complete pain, and get you nowhere, it's bad for you.


The most important thing to remember that it doesn't work, it's miserable and you generally end up worse th...

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