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I can't compete with the miracles that GQ say can happen.
I've tried, but either I've been doing something wrong or they're telling fibs to grab your attention! 

This simple article tells us that we can lose our love handles in three days
Buy the magazine or visit the website, and then you get another golden nugget.

Ready for it?


If you do 50 or 100 press ups for three days, you'll see a difference in your pecs.

So there you go guys, just do deadlifts f...

Imagine a week devoted just to you and your physical and mental well-being!

It's not so difficult, and we all should do it.

So, Picture this!

It’s 7 p.m. on day three of your break in the Monte Santo Luxury five star resort, and you’re in the spa suite having a full body massage.

This morning you’d a proper, delicious breakfast of everything you need. You don't need to worry about your proteins and your carbs. There's no effort involved, it’s all done for you.

At 10 a.m....

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