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If you want to make changes in your life, follow these rules to make the journey as easy and successful as possible.


We'd be very happy to offer you a free consultation to help you back on the road to sporting super-stardom! 

This is the situation for a lot of us. You're in school, maybe University or whatever, surrounded by your sporty peers, hardly a care in the world, hardy constitution, and you're fit as a fiddle.

Then along comes the drinking, the relationships, the serious relationship, the marriage, the kids, and before you realise it, you're not so hardy anymore!

Getting ba...


Effective Weight-loss Holidays


We're old hands at offering really effective and enjoyable health and fitness breaks in the glorious sun of the Algarve. In fact, most of our clients (our guests) return each year.

In 2015,we'll have more breaks than ever before, so there's a great choice of dates and our value is the best in the market.


You've the option to stay for any period up to two weeks and this can be;

  • One week of training, and one week as regular holiday

  • ...




If you want to get your weight and condition to where you want it to be, you need to be able to do one thing;ENJOY THE PROCESS!!!


Counting Calories and torturing yourself by living on a carrot and onion diet, or surviving on packaged rubbish sold to you by "weight-loss" companies is not only going to be a complete pain, and get you nowhere, it's bad for you.


The most important thing to remember that it doesn't work, it's miserable and you generally end up worse th...


When you're looking for a week or two away to straighten out your fitness, weight, your head, or whatever, how do you choose where you go and whom to trust?

I've my own ideas, and these are based primarily on the "Honesty Principle"

Cost, luxury, difficulty etc. are all secondary in my opinion.

By Honesty, I mean that marketing information is genuine, the success claims are genuine

That we hear no over-blown promises or insinuation on how much weight you're going to los...

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