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I'll keep this short!  

I bought my entry-level POLAR watch to see if I'd actually use the thing.

I've had it since April, and it's been fantastic. It's made such a difference, that I decided to offer POLAR products on our website.

Health is a habit thing... sporadic doesn't cut the mustard! These "wearables" can really help develop our habits and that's why we're recommending you think about getting one.

GARMIN and FitBits do the same thing and you may prefer the...


We're giving you a peak into our microbiome- the universe in our gut, which has trillions of cells. It's more than just "our second brain". We've picked an interesting documentary and two good articles for you to read.


(From 19 stone to healthy & loving it!)

Hi Folks!

I´m Eugenio, (Eu for short!)

I’m delighted to have joined the Algarve Fitness team and would like to tell you a little about myself.

 (Sorry, I don't have many photos of the "old" me!)

I’m a Personal Trainer, based in Dublin with Ray, and will be training both here and in our Algarve retreats.

I´m 25, and have come a long way in my journey from obesity to achieving to good health. By the summer of 2016 my weight had reache...


Join Ewa to learn some simple, injury-preventing and extremely effective low-impact exercises.

Mix it up and keep it interesting!


If you fancy travelling solo, but are a little wary, don't worry! There's a solutions


Tiny efforts can transform regular food into fantastic meals. Why not check out our simple recipes that make weight loss easy?

Making tiny changes to our daily routine can make massive improvements to our lives.


There's no effort involved in buying a few nice presentation dishes and they make food look great! Salads and fresh produce are simple prepare and bring wonderful colour to a table & take minutes to prepare. Create your own unique salad dressing, and you've a perfect side dish.

Half the taste is in the presentation,they say!

I prepare this saled without dressing, as this can be added at the table. For the dressing I prepare a simple vinaigrette using good quality bals...


There's nothing to this salad, other than taking a little care in the presentation. No cooking involved, it makes any table look great and the least competent cook look like they might know what they're doing!

The beauty about salad, and vegetables in general is that they're quick and easy to prepare, and the colours are amazing!

Taking simple ingredients below, and combining with few additions gives you tons of flavour and visual impact for very little skill and effo...

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