The AlgarveFitness Team

I established AlgarveFitness in 2012, because I wanted to provide honest, effective and enjoyable health and fitness retreats. For the past five years my team has been honing things and we think we have it just right! If all you want is a holiday, our breaks are fantastic; but we look to the long-term. So, for anyone looking for sustained weight-loss, fitness, and life transformation, we give you the tools. Our team is available 12 months of the year for online support. So, for instance if you're looking for long-term weight-loss, we're there for you. I hope, that, like most of our clients, you'll make us an annual fixture in your calendar!

The Glue!

Ray Donovan

Having been very overweight when he was younger, Eugenio has become passionate about weight-loss and health coaching. ? Determined to transform into a much healthier life, he completed a Bachelors Degree in Physical Activity & Health and Sports Sciences, and a Masters Degree in Physical Activity & Health, specialising in weight-loss management. Eu is a certified personal trainer (EQF Level 6 - NFQ Level 9) Now, based between Dublin and the Algarve, Eu guides clients to achieve optimum health and body composition. Where weight-loss is a long term goal for you, we can start immediately on that journey. You don't need to wait for the Algarve!

Weight Loss Specialist & Strength & Conditioning Coach - Dublin & Algarve

Eugenio Pedregal

Jose is a chartered physiotherapist, recently returned from eight years in London to establish his practice in the Algarve. You can find Jose at Jose will provide assessments and treatments to you as part of your package, and is available for additional treatments also. Our big focus in ALgarveFitness is education and awareness, and part of this will be two sessions of Dyamic Movements Systems, which Jose will provide. It's extremely interesting and demonstrates how vital our brains and central nervous system are in our physical balance and performance. Jose provides the following: Acupuncture, sports massage, kinesiology taping, musculoskeletal phsyiotherapy, DMS, dry needling, sports massage, older person's physiotherapy, post-surgery rehab...

Physiotherapist & Osteopath

Jose Escudeiro

Lynsey graduated from University College Dublin in 2002. In 2008 she opened Archview Physiotherapy Pain and Sports Injury Clinic in Dublin. Over the last few years the clinic has grown to a team of chartered physiotherapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, clinical Pilates instructors and personal trainers who treat patients with varying levels of sporting, musculoskeletal injuries and neurological complaints.

Physiotherapist - Dublin

Lynsey McGovern

Ewa practices as a personal trainer from her own studio in Paris. Originally from Poland, Ewa's early specialism was the of 400 metres, later becoming ambassadress for Reebok Crossfit & Reebok Jukari Fit To Flex. Passionate for sport and physical activities, Ewa's goal is pass her passion for healthy exercise and lifestyle so that her clients become self-motivated and come to love the lifestyle. Ewa's motto "Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body". Her goal is to help people to find their confidence, happiness and balance. Her method : a mix of Pilates, running, strength and conditioning training and mental balance to achieve for a healthier & stronger body. If you'd like to know more, why not check out Ewa's website?

Gentle, incredible motivator! - Paris

Ewa Zatorska

Ricardo is one of our oldest friends. He teaches Kundalini Yoga among other forms, and you could say that for our retreats, Ricardo teaches "Yoga for the Real World". You might think that yoga's not for you, but you should absolutely give our class a go. Our yoga classes work really well, sceptics are invariably surprised and happy that they gave it a bash. Actually, just to meet someone like Ricardo is a worthwhile experieounce!

Yoga, Meditation, Surf Sports

Ricardo Goncalves

Nuno is a former Portuguese Marine, and has worked with us since the early days. Nuno provides our Functional Patterns instruction.

Off-site activities, Functional Patterns Instruction and Group Training

Nuno Santos

Rodrigues is a gifted teacher. It's his mission in life, you could say. A former Portuguese national boxing champion and coach to national teams and consulting coach to international professional boxing champions (including one current world champion). Rodrigues will take you through a great workout and give you an invaluable introduction to boxing as a form of exercise. There's no contact, and Rodrigues is charming, so don't be worried!

Boxing, balance and self-defence

Rodrigues Rodrigo

Nick is one of those professionals who is perfectly aligned with our approach. Nick qualified as an osteopath in 2004 and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, having graduated from the British college of Osteopathic medicine. In addition he holds an honours degree in Biomedical Sciences, and diploma in Naturopathic medicine. Nick combines an extensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology. He has an holistic approach to overall well-being and postural re-education. With a principle aim of reducing pain and increasing mobility he also provides nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice so that his patients may achieve an optimum state of health. ? Nick attends some of our breaks, so you might meet him in the Algarve. Our partnership with Nick is part of our commitment to give year-round access to best in class treatment to our clients. You should follow Nick on Instagram and read his guest posts on our blog. He writes so well, & you'll learn from

Osteopath - London

Nick Cowan