Core Fitness Retreat

Intensive Training

Strength | Conditioning | Stamina

Perfect if you train and want maximum results

5* Core Fitness & Fat-Loss Retreat

Hard-Core, Goal-Specific Training

Perfect for people who train and

 want maximum results


If you're currently training and want to really boost your progress, then our Core Fitness Retreats are for you. 

You'll train more, and harder, than you would in our Fun-Fitness breaks, but you'll still enjoy five star luxury surroundings.

Activities are structured around two carefully planned training sessions per day & your programme will be specific to you and your goals

Six Days Of Hardcore Training


Seriously Good Food Also!

Carefully structured programme bespoke to each client & built around 12 Workouts with massage, yoga, meditation, education and group activities

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Our Core-Fitness retreats are perfect if you already train, are in reasonable shape and want to push yourself to your limit
They're designed to produce the maximum gains and benefits possible from a health and fitness break
While you'll be in a group, a programme will be designed for just you, and for that we'll require an assessment prior to your retreat.
You might want sports-specific training (for instance if you're a cyclist or golfer with back issues).
You may be in great shape but are stuck at a certain body-fat level and want to boost your progress.
Perhaps you're "Carb-tolerant" and struggle to gain weight or lean muscle mass
The daily agenda is simple. 
We have two hard training sessions at around 10am and 2pm and we hang all of our other sessions off of those.
The other sessions are typically education seminars dealing with a variety of different topics, one-on-one or small group sessions on specific subjects, massage, yoga, meditation, activities.
Somewhere in the middle, we'll take a half day to try some surfing or paddle boarding. This to break the week, while still maintaining activity

Most days will start with breakfast at 8:00AM and will finish by 3:30PM leaving you time to relax, enjoy your treatments, benefit from personal consults and sessions, or just soak up the sun or head to the beach.

The week is all about clean eating, improving mobility and stamina, improving your gut health, training for maximum results, ridding your body of toxins. The net effect is to shed fat, eliminate bloating, make you feel stronger, more energised and awake.

The Weekly Package includes:


7 Nights' luxury accommodation & 6 days of training, talks, and activities


Your days are simply structured and you've plenty of freedom.


8:00am   Breakfast


10:00am  First exercise session (1 hour approximately)


12:00pm  Lunch 


2:00pm   Second exercise session (1 hour approximately)


3:00pm   The rest of the day is yours unless you've a consultation, class or treatment planned.



  • Education

  • Private nutrition consultation & physical assessment on arrival

  • Private consultation,  assessment prior to departure

  • Personal consults and training sessions during the week where needed

  • Massage / spa treatments

  • Sauna

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Meditation

  • Customised training plan to take home 

AlgarveFitness retreats are friendly, comfortable, luxurious breaks that have everything needed to make you feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more in control of your life. 

Our Core Fitness retreats provide the highest quality training and diet, all of which are easily sustainable when you leave us.

You should expect to see great progress during your week with us, but our focus goes far beyond that. 

We're offering you the opportunity to learn how to make permanent positive changes to your lifestyle, happiness and health.

It's only a week or two, you'll enjoy it; What's there to lose? You should join us, and if you're like a lot of our clients, you'll make it an annual stress-busting, health-boosting break.