Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes! We would be glad to deliver Breakfast, Brunch, or Lunch to the Herndon area as well as to the Reston and Oakton area. Our FREE delivery schedule is listed in the delivery section. If our free delivery schedule doesnt meet your need, then consider using Doordash and Grubhub to order anytime!

Apart from bagels, do you specialize in anything else?

A lot! We offer items like our Big Boy Bagel (Bagel 4x as large as the normal), Alpha-Bagels (personalized character bagels), Chocolate Bombs (circular shaped chocalate shells with hot cocoa powder in them (different flavors as well), Heart Shaped Bagels, Pumpkin Shaped Bagels, and best of all, our Breakable Hearts!! Visit our menu to see what is avaliable. Also view our gallery for pictures.

Do you offer Gluten-Free options?

Yes! We are proud to announce that we offer Gluten Free Bagels at all of our locations including Reston, Herndon, and Oakton. Our Gluten-free bagels are made from scratch at premises and are hand-rolled. Our flavors include but not limited to Plain, Everything, Seasame, Blueberry, & Cinnamon Raisin. We reccomend to pre order a day in advance as quantites may vary. We also offer gluten free wraps. Note: We are not a gluten-free restaurant and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur. Our toasted gluten free bagels must be prepared on the same toaster as our other bagels. Customers with sensitivities should exercise judgement in consuming food

How are your bagels made? Are they kettle boiled?

Yes they are! Our bagels go through a special process before they reach your plate. Firstly, we create the dough using fresh ingredients (we never use presertatives). We then proceed to roll the dough into a bagel shape. After that, our bagels sit in the fridge to poof. A crucial step that gives our bagels that extra chewey, shiny, and crispy goodness is how our bagels are dropped into a kettle of boiling water. The hot water cooks the starch on the otside of the bagel giving the bagels a signiture crisp crust. We then proceed to hand top each bagel with one (or multiple) of our many toppings. Lastly, our bagels go into the oven to bake. Our bagels are Authentic New York Style Bagels.

Are your bagels Vegan?

Yes! Most of our classic bagels are vegan except for our egg bagel, jalapeno cheddar, and gourmet bagels.

Can you personalize/customize bagels?

We can shape our bagels into letters and numbers as well as personalizing them your need (example: a name or message). You can order and find it as Alpha Bagels in the order online section. Please order 24-48 hours in advance so the bagels can get enough time to poof. Visit our gallery for pictures.

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