Arrival - Friday

Ease yourself in!

Meet the gang

Get to know everyone

Learn a little more about the week

We'll have dinner, drinks and banter!


And it begins...


We'll have a buffet-style breakfast this morning.

From 7.30am we'll be having our private consults with you.

The first will be a short PT assessment with Eu, who'll measure and weigh you if you like. He'll discuss how you'll get the best out of your week

The second session will be with Jose, our physio, and it's designed to identify any issues which we'll then work on for the week.

The two guys get together to work out your plan.


Dynamic Movement Skills with Jose

You might sweat a little, but only a little. DMS is a wonderful tool to make you more aware of how your body works in terms of neurology, balance and posture

It's not physically difficult and it's a nice end to your first morning




Circuit session

This is around 30 minutes plus a little time for explanations, warm up and so on


The Back Academy with Eu -

Really interesting stuff, ask us for details!



High Intensity Interval Training Session

We'll all train together, but this may not be High Intensity for everybody.

The good news is that the whole affair doesn't last more than 30 minutes, with 15 of that being the exercise part! The thoughts of training early might be a pain, but you've a great feeling when it's done.




Hill Trek/Countryside walk

We'll leave the resort at 9.15am & we'll drive to beautiful inland countryside. Our walks are of varying lengths (12 - 22kms) and each has a few exit points so that the pace and distance can suit us all. Some of the group might fancy walking for 22kms.If you'd rather 12kms and to  settle into a nice coffee shop while the others push on, you're welcome to.


Packed Lunch in the countryside 

(after which there's a little R&R in the resort)


Small group training -Upper Body

Our aim here is to teach you how to safely and productively train your upper body. This is geared individually to you.

You can train hard or easy. How, and what you train now will be determined by what we've learned during your assessments. 

You'll have plenty of rest time before dinner.




(An easy day)




Yoga with Ricardo

We have a fantastic and accessible yoga class. It's ideal for those practiced in yoga, and for beginners. If you haven't done yoga before, then this is really useful. Ricardo's class is very much geared towards honing our skills to deal with the noise and stresses that life throws at us.




Functional Patterns / Stretching and mobility class

This 90 minute session is enjoyable and not physically demanding. The focus is on improving our posture.


Relax for the rest of the day




Active Recovery Day




Surfing or SUP /Kayak Tour

You'll learn the basics of surfing in a really safe location, where you won't be out of your depth, and your instructors are among the best in the Algarve.

People are sometimes wary before trying. Once they try it, everyone loves it!

If the water's too calm to surf, we'll tour the grottos and landscape of the Algarve coast by Stand Up Paddle Board or Kayak




Boxing class

Our amazing instructor Rodrigues, brings you an appreciation of the fitness, balance and co-ordination involved in boxing. It's a great fun class and a fantastic workout​.


Relax for the rest of the day or have a treatment or private session





High Intensity Interval Training




Depart for a scenic 12km cliff and beach walk

Our cliff walk covers beautiful Algarve coastline, where we'll see a lot of the scenery familiar in tourism images

The walk finishes with a 4km walk of one of the Algarve's finest beaches.





Personal Training sessions

Physio Treatments

You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the luxurious resort while you're comrades are having their private sessions with Eu and Jose




Revive & Reflect Day




What do you want to do?

You're free to have another go at a water activity, yoga, or just luxuriate. 

Today we'll give you physiotherapy and Personal Training sessions. You'll have learnt a lot about yourself this week, and this is the perfect time to focus on those areas. This is where your long-term health is emphasised




Treatments and Training continued

Relax for the rest of the day or have a treatment or private session


Dinner in a wonderful restaurant in town. We'll hit the local night life afterwards!


You're going home, feeling amazing!



We'll give you a packed breakfast or lunch to suit your travel

You've lost weight

You're detoxed, without any crazy diet

You're lighter, less stiff

You've seen the Algarve

You've learnt loads

You've laughed, relaxed, & had a great holiday!

We hope to see you again!

arrival day

We'll collect you from Faro airport and bring you directly to the luxury 5-Star Monte Santo resort. After settling in, you'll enjoy a relaxing dinner and a few drinks & get to know the others and learn more about the week.

day 2

After a tasty, healthy breakfast we will have one-to-ones to discuss your personal plan with you and have a physio session. Then it’s straight in to the programme as everyone is eager and rearing to go!

We leave time every evening to relax and enjoy the resort facilities before a healthy, tasty dinner with the group

day 3

An early morning  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session to work up an appetite before breakfast. Then we head off to the beautiful Portuguese countryside for an hill trek. After lunch we head back to the resort for an invigorating upper body session and then – relax – before dinner

day 4

A bit of an easier day after two days of activity- we have an early morning outdoor yoga with Ricardo where you'll take some insights to take back to your everyday busy life. Then after lunch a stretching and mobility class to improve posture.  Then take a couple of hours to relax whatever way you want before dinner

day 5

After breakfast it’s off to the beach for some surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking. You will learn the basics of surfing in a safe location and then take to the water. If surfings not your thing, or the water is too calm we will tour the grottos on paddle board or kayak. Back to base after lunch for a boxing class which hones fitness, balance and co-ordination. A great, fun workout!

day 6

A HiT session before breakfast and then off for a 12km cliff and beach walk. Our clients really enjoy this as you will see from photos in our gallery. The view along the Algarve coastline are stunning and we finish at one of the finest beaches in the locality. Your friends will be jealous when they see the photos!

After lunch we have personal training sessions and physio

day 7

After breakfast you can decide what you would like to do – water activity, yoga, chill out? You will have a personal session with your trainer and physio to discuss your goals and progress and create fitness and nutrition plans to take home. That evening we go to one of the amazing restaurants in town and then sample the local night life after.


Enjoy your last breakfast with your new friends happy in the fact you are going home a fitter, happier, leaner, calmer you!

Things to remember:

•Our programmes are designed to allow for different fitness levels and personal goals.

•Your personal programme can be modified at any time - our team is on hand to discuss and give their expert advice

•All inclusive means all inclusive – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks! Let us know if you have any special dietary requirements

•We want you to enjoy the beautiful 5-star accommodation and we leave time for you to so during the week. Enjoy one of the pools, Jacuzzi, steam room, hot tubs or a treatment.

•The Monte Santo area with its coastline, towns and beaches is truly spectacular and we organise sessions in different locations so you can grow to love the locality as much as we do.

Before you arrive we will discuss your fitness goals with you to ensure you get the most out of the week. Our experts will have a customised plan waiting for you and will modify it as you progress during the week.